Alps Tour

For the times when life is too much, quit everything and enjoy the woods

Tour Duration
5 - 10 Days
Min Attendees
Min 2 People
Additional Acctivities
Zip line, paragliding, Wine tasting, rafting,...
Tour Level
Medium - Hard
Hidden Juwels in Alps

A place to escape and become one with the willderness.
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Explore the beauty of Slovenia on a cycling route - welcome to an unforgettable cycling adventure that starts in the charming town of Bled, continues through the picturesque Bohinj, offers the option of exploring Goriška Brda, and concludes at the Soča River bridge.

Your cycling journey begins in the enchanting town of Bled, where you'll relish the view of the stunning lake and surrounding mountain peaks. Cycling through the beautiful Bohinj, you'll encounter lush forests, crystal-clear lakes, and natural wonders that will make your ride truly memorable.

The extension option through the picturesque Goriška Brda allows you to immerse yourself in the stunning landscape known for its vineyards and breathtaking views.

The route then leads you towards the final destination, the Soča River bridge, where you'll experience the magical surroundings along the river Soča, indulging in the beauty of this crystal-clear waterway.

Returning to the starting point will be marked by unforgettable impressions and beautiful memories of the journey through Slovenia's most beautiful landscapes. Our cycling tour opens the doors to the world of natural beauty, local culture, and outdoor activities in the wonderful Slovenian countryside.

Regardless of your cycling experience or love for nature, we invite you to join us on this cycling adventure and experience an incomparable journey! For more information about our cycling route and reservations, visit our website and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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